Factsheets and forms for retirement village operators

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New information factsheets for retirement villages will commence on Thursday, 1 March 2018. Please use the current approved factsheets until 28 February 2018.

As a retirement village operator, you must:

  • notify us when you establish a retirement village
  • notify us if you change the details of your retirement village 
  • provide an information factsheet (in the approved form) to prospective residents enquiring about the village
  • allow prospective residents to inspect particular documents held by the operator
  • provide an expanded pre-contract disclosure statement (in the approved form) to those intending to sign a contract
  • use standard content and layout in retirement village contracts to make them easier to understand and compare. Content must include a basic set of mandatory rights and responsibilities of residents, managers and owners.

These obligations are set out in the Retirement Villages (Records and Notices) Regulations 2015 and the Retirement Villages (Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 2017.

You must use the following approved factsheets and disclosure statements.

Retirement village forms

Current retirement village factsheets (use until 28 February 2018)

New retirement village factsheets (only use from 1 March 2018)

Retirement village disclosure statements

Guide on completing the factsheet and disclosure statement

We have developed a guide to help you complete the factsheet and disclosure statement. It provides general principles, as well as specific guidance on particular items in the factsheets and disclosure statements:

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