Update licence details - rooming house operators

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Notify the BLA of changes

If you become aware of any changes while the BLA is still determining the outcome of your licence application - that is, before you are licensed - you must inform them immediately in writing using the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) enquiry form.

After you are licensed, you must inform the BLA in writing using the BLA enquiry form if you become aware that you (or any of your officers or managers) meet any of the renewal disqualification criteria in section 18 of the Rooming House Operators Act 2016 while you are licensed.

The BLA will advise Consumer Affairs Victoria of any notifications it receives from a licensee, as well as its findings in relation to new officers or managers.

It is an offence not to comply with these obligations.

For all other changes to your licence details, including officers or managers, you must use myCAV. The BLA will determine whether the new officer or manager meets any of the licence disqualification criteria in section 17 of the Rooming House Operators Act 2016.

The licensed rooming house operator (or responsible person for a body corporate) will need to create their own individual myCAV account to use the system.

To create your myCAV account, you will need a personal email address to verify your identity and sign in to your account.

Create or sign-in to your myCAV account

For more information, view our About myCAV page.

Other legal obligations for rooming house operators

For more on your broader legal obligations as a rooming house operator, view our Running your business - rooming house operators section.

Also, download our Rooming houses: a guide for residents and operators (Word, 725KB).

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