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  • Maintaining your car

    Explains how to maintain your car including checking oil and engine coolants, tyre pressure, timing belts.

  • Getting your car towed

    Information on getting a car towed, including shopping around for repairers, storage charges, authorising repairs, insurance coverage.

  • Your consumer rights

    Information and advice on your rights when you buy disability goods and services.

  • Product does not have clear title

    Information about the automatic consumer guarantee that products will come with clear title, undisturbed possession and no undisclosed securities.

  • Services took too long

    Information about the consumer guarantee that services will be provided within a reasonable time, if no time was set.

  • Online shopping safety tips

    Advice for business and consumers on how to keep their money and personal details safe when shopping online.

  • Egg labelling

    The Commonwealth Government has introduced an Information Standard under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) for all egg producers that prescribes their obligations when promoting or selling free range eggs.

  • Gift vouchers and gift cards

    Information about consumer rights relating to gift vouchers, gift cards, promotional vouchers and discount coupon books.


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