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  • Country of origin claims

    Information on claims about a product's country of origin, such as made in, product of, or grown in.

  • Patriotic funds

    Apply to set up, obligations, change details, annual statements, transfers, donations, laws, compliance.

  • Telemarketing

    Information about telemarketing or phone sales, permitted hours, and cooling off or cancelling a telephone sales agreement.

  • Quad bike safety

    Tips and links for the safe use of quad bikes (four-wheeled motorbikes).

  • Report an unsafe product

    Information on how to report an unsafe product, injury caused by a dangerous product, or a product safety problem or concern.

  • Product safety checklist for markets

    Product safety checklist for market stallholders selling new or second-hand goods. How traders can check items for compliance with mandatory safety standards, bans and recalls.

  • Bag search policies

    Information about when a store is permitted to search a consumer’s bag.


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