Faulty product

Your refund rights

You are generally entitled to return a product that:

  • does not do what it is normally supposed to – for example, your toaster does not toast bread
  • has a defect – for example, your toaster's timer knob falls off soon after you buy it
  • is unacceptable in appearance or finish – for example, your toaster has scratches 
  • is unsafe - for example, sparks fly out of your toaster whenever you use it
  • breaks down before you would reasonably expect it to.

You must take into account:

  • the type of product – for example, a large appliance such as a fridge is expected to last longer than a toaster
  • the price – for example, a cheap toaster may not be expected to last as long as a top-of-the-range one
  • any statements about the product on its packaging or label – for example, the toaster box shows a special defroster function
  • any statements about the product by the store or seller, either in person, in print or online - for example, the salesperson said the crumb tray was easy to detach and clean.

Next steps

If there is a problem with your product, or if you are having a dispute with the store or seller, view our Resolve your problem or complaint page.

Last updated: 19/04/2017

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