Rooming house operators

The Rooming House Operators Act 2016, which establishes a licensing scheme for rooming house operators, has been passed by the Victorian Parliament.

Once the licensing scheme commences, existing rooming house operators will be required to apply for a licence in order to continue to legally operate their rooming houses. We will give operators advance notice of the scheme's commencement.

The obligation to be licensed will be in addition to operators’ other legal obligations, including the requirement to register their rooming houses with the relevant local council.

The licensing scheme will be administered by the Business Licensing Authority which will be responsible for granting licences.

Licences will only be granted to applicants who are ‘fit and proper persons’.

Licence applications will be made online, through an online licensing system that is currently being developed.

We will monitor and enforce the requirement to be licensed.

To view the Act, visit the Rooming House Operators Act 2016 page on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website.

(This Act has been passed by the Parliament but a commencement date has not yet been determined - it is expected to commence in early 2017.)

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Last updated: 06/02/2017

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