Close or amalgamate a patriotic fund

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Amalgamate a patriotic fund

Two or more funds can amalgamate, without closing and reopening as a new entity. To amalgamate existing funds, complete our Patriotic fund – Application to establish a patriotic fund online form.

Close or wind up a patriotic fund

Trustees of a patriotic fund may consider closing or winding up their fund when:

  • there are insufficient funds to meet the objectives and purposes of the trust, or
  • they are finding it difficult to discharge their responsibilities under the trust, or
  • there are few or no remaining members of the ex-service group.

Before taking any action, trustees should email with details of their situation. We will then contact the trustees directly to discuss the cancellation process and options to transfer any surplus funds in the trust accounts.

These surplus funds must be transferred to trustees of another patriotic fund or to an organisation that assists veterans or their dependants.