Computer repair scam

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Video transcript: Computer repair scam (Word, 26KB)

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How the scam works

The scammer may call you directly, or respond to an online advertisement that appears when you search for technical support. You are told that there is a virus on your computer that will cause the loss of stored information if not repaired immediately.

The scammer offers to fix the problem and directs you to a website to click on a link that will give them access. This means they can steal private information such as bank details, user names and passwords.

The scammers may also try to get money from you, asking you for a fee to fix the problem or to buy software from their website. The software may not exist, or could give the scammer remote access to your computer.

Protect your business:

  • Scammers have used telephone and online advertisements to run computer repair scams.
  • Any phone call from a computer company that is not your usual IT specialist, alerting you to issues that they have identified with your computer, is likely to be a scam.
  • Be cautious when searching online for technical support - before you agree to any services, thoroughly research the company (for example, using online forums or online business directories). You could also search the computer or software supplier's website for authorised service providers.
  • An authorised IT specialist is unlikely to ask you to go to a website and click on a link to give them remote access to your computer.
  • Be wary of anyone asking for your bank account or credit card details.