Domain name scam

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How the scam works

The domain name scam relies on your business not checking invoices carefully.

The scammer will send you an unsolicited invoice or email to renew an internet domain name. The scammer hopes you assume it is a real registration invoice and pay it, without checking.

There are several versions of this scam:

  • The invoice is not for your domain name but a name very similar sometimes only one letter different.
  • The scammer tries to trick you into paying them for registering your domain name, when they have not.
  • The invoice seems to be for domain name registration, but is actually a contract to sign up for the scammer’s services. They may offer a free product or extra service. By signing the invoice, you agree to pay them a regular fee to register your domain name. These fees are usually a lot higher than the standard fee for registering a domain name.

Before you pay an invoice, check it is from the same company that originally registered your domain name.

auDA is a Federal Government-endorsed body that administers the .au domain registrations. They

  • develop and implement domain name policy
  • accredit and license registrars
  • implement consumer safeguards.

For more information, visit the .au domain administration website.

Protect your business:

  • Confirm that the domain name on the invoice matches your domain name exactly. There may only be one letter different.
  • Make sure that the renewal notice comes from the company who registered your domain name.
  • Check that your domain name registration is due for renewal.