Report an unlicensed motor car trader

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Generally, if you deal in four or more cars per year, you need a licence. For more information on when motor car traders must be licensed, view our Definitions - motor car traders page.

How to report unlicensed motor car trading

If you believe a trader is unlicensed, you can let us know by:

Note: This form has three stages and you have 20 minutes to complete each stage. Each stage will automatically refresh after 20 minutes and clear all data.

Councils reporting unlicensed motor car trading

If you are a local council officer and believe a motor car trader is unlicensed, complete and lodge our Council report of unlicensed motor car traders (Word, 55KB). This form is not for use by individual consumers or other bodies.

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us with any investigations, including a daytime contact number, as we may need to call you for more information.

Why should I make a report?

Cars sold by unlicensed sellers are not covered by the same laws as those sold by licensed motor car traders (LMCTs). By letting us know about incidents of possible unlicensed motor car trading, you can help to protect other consumers.

We use the information you give us to monitor and investigate the market, so we can warn Victorians of any wrong-doing that may be occurring.

Although we cannot actively respond to or investigate every report we receive, all intelligence is important to us.