Understand the new rental laws: resources for rental providers

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New rental laws are now in effect. If you are a rental provider (landlord) or estate agent, it is important that you understand your responsibilities under the new laws.

On this page, you can access resources that can help.

Know the new renting laws 

Rental provider guides

Rental providers and estate agents must ensure they are compliant with the new laws.

Our rental provider guide will help you understand the changes and what you must do. 

For more information, please view our guide for rental providers (landlords) and estate agency property managers: Understanding the new rental laws.

New renting forms

New renting forms include the range of changes in the new renting laws. Some existing forms have been updated, too. 

If you are a rental provider or estate agent, you should familiarise yourself with the new forms and integrate them into your systems.  

For more information, view the forms in the Renting section of our Forms and publications page.

You can also download:

Stakeholder communications kit

You can use this stakeholder communications kit to help spread awareness of the reforms among your audience. Along with providing key information about some of the major reforms, the kit contains a fact sheet and social media messages and images that you can share.

Download the stakeholder communications kit here.

Learn about the new renting laws

New renting guidelines

The new renting guidelines detail how both rental providers and renters can comply with renting laws, including the most recent changes. These guidelines will also be used by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to assist its decision-making.

You can access the five guides below:

More information

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