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Renter rights and responsibilities

Renters and rental providers both have rights and responsibilities under a rental agreement.

These rights and responsibilities are outlined in guides that rental providers must give renters who should read them carefully. Renters used to be called tenants and rental providers used to be called landlords. Rental agreements were called leases.

There are different guides for different types of rental properties:

Renters must be provided with a renting guide

Rental providers are legally required to provide the relevant guide from the list above to the renter. Rental providers and agents must give renters the guide on or before the day they move in.

Providing the guide electronically

Rental providers or agents can provide the guide in electronic form if the renter has agreed in writing to receive notices and other documents electronically. This might be to a nominated email address, for example. Otherwise, the rental provider must provide a printed copy.

If the renter has agreed, the rental provider can email them the following link, which will direct them to this page to download the most up-to-date copy of the guide:

How renters can agree to receive the guide electronically

Renters can agree to receive the guide, notices and other documents electronically in any of these ways:

You can read more about signing a rental agreement.

Forms you might need

To give renters the option of consenting to electronic communications, use this form: