Rental provider must pay renter back for cost of urgent repairs within seven days guide

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Under the new rental laws, rental providers (landlords) must pay renters back for urgent repairs within seven days of them claiming the cost of repairs. 

If a renter requests urgent repairs to their rental property and the rental provider does not immediately carry out the urgent repairs, the renter can arrange the urgent repairs themselves. 

If a renter arranges the urgent repairs, they must give the rental provider a written notice of the repairs, including the cost. 

Rental providers must pay back the cost of the repairs to the renter within seven days of receiving the written notice. 

If a rental provider does not pay back the cost of the repairs within seven days, a renter may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to order the rental provider to pay. 

These changes to urgent repairs also apply to rooming houses, caravans, caravan park sites and residential park sites. 

The new rental laws apply from 29 March 2021.