Temporary accommodation during repairs

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If you have to move out of your rented premises temporarily so repairs can be carried out, you and your landlord need to make an arrangement about rent or compensation.

While your landlord is not obliged to help you find or pay for alternative accommodation, you can try to negotiate suitable arrangements.

Make sure any temporary arrangements negotiated with your landlord are in writing.

If you cannot reach an agreement, either you or the landlord may apply to VCAT for a determination or to seek compensation.

When you do move out temporarily, you are responsible for paying for your replacement accommodation and related expenses, such as meals, transport and pet accommodation.

If your landlord wants to end the tenancy to carry out repairs, they must give you a valid notice to vacate (end the tenancy and leave the property). For more information about this notice, view our Landlord giving notice to vacate page.

If damage to the property is severe and the residence can no longer be lived in or only partially lived in, provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act allow for early termination of the lease. In such cases, the rent ceases to be payable from the day you vacate.