Urgent repairs

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Applying to VCAT for a repair order

If the landlord does not complete the urgent repairs in your rental property and they are going to cost more than $1,800, you can apply to VCAT for a repair order. 

Use VCAT's Application by a tenant or landlord or call 1300 01 8228 (1300 01 VCAT). Calling this number costs the same as a local call. Additional charges may apply if you call from overseas, on a mobile or payphone.

VCAT will hear an application within two business days and can order your landlord to arrange the repairs or reimburse you for the cost of the repairs.

While you are waiting for repairs or reimbursement, you can apply for the rent or hiring charges (if you are living in a caravan on a rented site) to be paid into VCAT’s Rent Special Account until the issue is sorted out.