Claiming the bond - tenants and residents

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How does the RTBA repay a bond?

After a bond claim has been submitted to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) and all tenants/residents have agreed, the RTBA will repay the bond. Make sure you provide valid bank account details in the bond claim for the RTBA to refund the bond.

If you are overseas and do not have an Australian bank account, the RTBA can issue a cheque that you can deposit into an overseas bank account. If your overseas bank cannot deposit the cheque, an overseas bank transfer can be arranged for a fee. If you are overseas and need advice on getting your bond back, submit an enquiry to the RTBA

If you have not provided valid bank account details in the bond claim, the RTBA will retain the bond until you provide a valid payment option.

Outstanding bond repayments

If you think you have an outstanding bond repayment owed to you after the end of your tenancy or residency, you can search for retained bonds on the RTBA Online website.

Read more about how to search and claim outstanding bonds on our uncollected or uncashed rental bonds page.