Property manager guide - claiming a bond

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RTBA Online is a safe and secure system for electronic bond transactions that allows you to claim bonds online in a quick and convenient way. 

You and your tenant should agree on the division of the bond before submitting a bond claim.

    You need level 2 or 3 access to claim a bond online. If you have level 1 access, speak to your level 3 Administrator to upgrade your access level.

    To check your access level, select ‘Manage my registration’ and select ‘Update personal details’. Your access level will be listed at the top.

  1. Visit and sign in to RTBA Online.

  2. Select the ‘Manage your bonds’ tab.

  3. Enter your bond number, address details or tenant surname and select ‘Search for bond’.

  4. Select ‘Refund this bond’ from the navigation on the left.

  5. Select ‘Tenant agreement’, and ‘Electronic’ for your transaction method, then ‘Proceed to bond details’.

  6. Enter the amount being paid to the property manager, if any, then ‘Proceed to tenant details’.

  7. Enter the amount to be paid to each tenant and update any tenant contact details where required.

  8. Select ‘Confirm details’ and review claim details. 

  9. If you need to change any information, select ‘Back to tenant details’. If all details are correct, select ‘Submit claim’.

  10. You will now see a confirmation page. Record the transaction number as you can use it to track your transaction.

  11. Each tenant will be sent an email with a link to confirm the claim. If a mobile number was provided, tenants will receive both an email and a text message with a link to confirm the bond claim.

    If the tenants do not respond to the link within seven days, all parties will receive a reminder.

    If the tenants do not respond within 14 days, the claim will be cancelled and all parties will be notified.

  12. If a tenant requests changes to the claim, you will be notified via email.

  13. Once all tenants have confirmed, the claim will be finalised, the bond will be repaid as agreed and a confirmation email will be sent to all parties. 

  14. To manage pending claims, select ‘Manage your Electronic Transactions’.

Visit RTBA Online at or call 1300 137 164 for more information.