Renters guide - How to initiate contest or cancel claim for bond

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RTBA Online is a safe and secure system for electronic bond transactions that allows you to claim bonds online in a quick and convenient way.

A bond claim can be initiated by:

  • a rental provider (landlord or licensed estate agent), when all parties to the bond have come to an agreement.

    Your rental provider should initiate an electronic claim transaction and renters (tenants) will need to consent to the transaction online. Contact your rental provider to initiate the bond claim electronically. Please refer to Renter’s guide – RTBA Online rather than using instructions in this guide.

    Note: These claims are usually paid on the same business day.

  • a renter, when parties to the bond have not agreed or there are delays by the rental provider initiating the claim.

    Follow the instructions in this guide to initiate an electronic bond claim or contest a claim initiated by a renter (Tenant Initiated Claim) or cancel a claim you initiated.

    Note: When an electronic claim is initiated by a renter, the RTBA is required by law to give notice to all other parties to the bond. The parties then have 14 days to contest the claim (additional time is given if the notice is sent by post). When the notice period has expired and if the claim has not been contested, the claim is paid.

  • either a renter or a rental provider supported by a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) order.

    You as a renter may claim your portion of the bond by submitting to the RTBA a bond claim form signed by you, together with a copy of the VCAT order which must clearly indicate the bond amount you are entitled to. Follow the instructions in this guide to generate a paper claim form.

Before you begin

You must have your own unique email address recorded with the RTBA. If you do not have access to your email or it needs updating or you are sharing it with other renters follow the instructions in Renter’s guide – how to update your contact details (email and mobile), and then proceed to step 1 in this guide to claim your bond.

If you cannot recall whether your email address is recorded as being shared with other renters, you may continue with the ‘Tenant Initiated Claim’ process in this guide and you will be advised accordingly.

In this guide: