Claiming the bond - tenants and residents

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How to claim a bond and how long it will take

When you and your landlord/property manager or owner have agreed on how the bond will be divided, your property manager must submit a bond claim. 

Your landlord/property manager or owner usually starts a bond claim, which should be done as soon as possible after the tenant or resident leaves the property. They do this by logging in to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Online website and entering in the claim details. 

All tenants/residents are emailed a link to the claim details. Click through to accept or request changes to the claim, and enter in your bank details for the bond refund. Once all tenants/residents have agreed, the RTBA will deposit the money into the nominated bank account(s) within two business days. If you have provided a mobile number to your property manager, you will also receive an SMS reminding you to check your email.

Alternatively, you can generate a paper bond claim form on RTBA Online by searching your bond details and selecting ‘refund this bond’. Print out the form, sign it and get the landlord/property manager or owner to sign it. As soon as you have completed the form, mail it to the RTBA immediately. Note: As each bond form has a unique number, blank downloadable forms are not available.

Never sign a bond claim form that does not show the amount you are to receive as a bond repayment. It is an offence for a landlord/property manager or owner to request or obtain your signature on a bond claim form that does not show how the bond is to be divided.

How long does it take for my bond to be refunded?

If the claim is submitted online, the bond is finalised as soon as all tenants/residents have accepted the claim. The bond will then be repaid into the nominated bank account(s) within two business days. Tenants/residents have up to 14 days to accept the claim.
If the claim is submitted on paper, allow an extra two to three business days after the RTBA receives your claim. To avoid delays from having your claim form rejected, make sure:
  • you provide your bank account details
  • the bond claim form is filled in clearly and correctly
  • signatures can be matched to the bond lodgement or tenant transfer form.