Possession orders (eviction)

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When a landlord or owner can apply for possession orders

If a tenant or resident has:

  • been given the appropriate notice to vacate a property, rooming house, caravan park, or site under site agreement, and
  • not left by the end of the due date

the landlord or owner can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for Order of Possession. For more information, visit the Application by a tenant or landlord page on the VCAT website.

This order may instruct the tenant or resident to vacate. It may also allow the landlord to obtain a warrant, which may then be executed by Victoria Police to evict the tenant or resident.

Landlords or owners cannot personally use force to remove a tenant or resident. Only Victoria Police can carry out an eviction, and only when they are acting on a VCAT order.

When a tenant or resident has been served with a notice to vacate, the landlord or owner can also make an application to VCAT for a possession order to have the tenant or resident evicted.

If you are facing eviction 

If you are a tenant or resident facing eviction and do not know what to do, call us or a tenancy advocacy service such as the Tenants Victoria as soon as possible. For more information, view our Emergencies and urgent issues page.

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