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Notifying us of SDA agreements and notices

SDA residency agreement

You must notify us within 14 days of entering into or establishing a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) residency agreement (Word, 143KB).

You must use our Add a new SDA residency agreement online form:

Add an agreement

You will need to submit one form for each agreement you enter into or establish. To complete this form, you will need the following details:

  • Provider registration number (PRN)
  • Provider name
  • Provider address
  • Email address
  • A mobile or business phone number
  • Property address
  • Agreement start date (must be after 1 July 2019)
  • Agreement end date (must be after 1 July 2019)

SDA notices

You must notify us if you give your resident certain notices.

You must use our Enter a notice given to an SDA resident online form:

Enter a notice

Notify us within 24 hours if you give your resident:

  • Notice of temporary relocation – the resident must move out of their room or property for up to 90 days. You can give this to your resident if they:
    • endanger the safety of other residents or staff at the property
    • are seriously disrupting the use of the property by other residents
    • are a danger to themselves
    • can no longer be appropriately supported in the property
    • need to move for their own safety or wellbeing
    • have caused serious damage or destroyed any part of the property, or
    • have used the property for an illegal purpose.
  • Notice to vacate – to see the reasons you can give this notice, view our Landlord giving notice to vacate page. You must also give your resident a Notice of temporary relocation at least 24 hours before giving them a Notice to vacate.
  • Notice of revocation – you must give the resident this notice within five days of when the property is no longer an SDA enrolled dwelling, or your provider registration with the NDIS is revoked.

You must notify us within 14 days of giving your resident a Notice of withdrawal. You can withdraw a Notice of temporary relocation or a Notice to vacate at any time before the resident moves out of the dwelling. You must do this by giving the resident something in writing explaining that you have withdrawn that notice.

The resident can also withdraw their Notice of intention to vacate at any time before they move out. They must also give you something in writing explaining that they are withdrawing that notice.

You must notify us within 24 hours if your resident gives you a:

  • Notice of intention to vacate – residents use this notice if they want to end the agreement and move out of the property. For more information, view our Tenant giving notice of intention to vacate page.
  • Notice of intention to terminate – residents use this notice if:
    • you have not given them a copy of the information statement before entering into or establishing the agreement, and
    • the resident wants to end the agreement.

You must also notify the Office of the Public Advocate and the National Disability Insurance Agency if you give or receive the SDA notices listed above.

Read the relevant information statement for specific details about each notice - they vary depending on whether you give the resident the notice under an SDA residency agreement or a Residential tenancy agreement: