Notices during an SDA residency

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Notices by email

The law says that the provider must give the resident any notices and documents in person or by mail. The resident can also choose to get notices, documents and other information from the provider by email. They must give the provider permission to do this by:

A resident can change their mind at any time and must tell the provider in writing if they do not want to communicate by email anymore.

If the resident changes their email address, they must give the provider the new address straight away.

Notice of temporary relocation

If a resident gets a Notice of temporary relocation (Word, 92KB), they must move out of their room or the property for up to 90 days.

For more information, including the reasons the provider can give this notice, view Notice of temporary relocation.

Breach of duty notice

The provider can give the resident a Breach of duty notice to SDA resident (Word, 656KB) if they:

  • create a fire, health or safety hazard in the property
  • damage or destroy any part of the property
  • damage the property and do not pay for repairs
  • do not pay rent
  • install something in the property without your written permission
  • keep a pet without your written permission
  • do not let you enter the property.

For more information, view Responsibilities of residents.

The resident can give the provider a Breach of duty notice to SDA provider (Word, 661KB) if:

  • they do not treat them with dignity and respect
  • they do not install things they need to help with their disability
  • they do not give them privacy
  • the property is not maintained
  • the property is not secure
  • they do not try to reduce any inconvenience or disruption from repairs or renovations
  • renovations take too long or are not done by qualified tradespeople
  • they unreasonably refuse to let them keep a pet.

For more information, view Responsibilities of providers.

Notice of entry

If the provider needs to enter the resident's room or the property to carry out their obligations, they must give the resident a Notice of entry to residents of SDA enrolled dwellings (Word, 598KB).

For more information, view Entry into your room or the property.

Application to investigate repairs or rent increase

The resident can send us an Application to Director (Word, 584KB) asking us to investigate: