Community visitors, record keeping and entry rights

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The information on this page applies to SDA providers. If you are a resident, view:

Community visitors

Who are community visitors?

Community visitors are volunteers who have legal powers to visit residents at the property. Their job is to make sure residents are being cared for and supported with dignity and respect. Residents can tell them about any issues or concerns they have. Community visitors report back to the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA). Visit OPA.

What do they do?

Their job is to make sure:

  • the property is appropriate for the resident's needs
  • the resident is getting enough opportunities to be involved and take part in the community
  • you are following all the laws
  • the resident is not being abused or neglected
  • you investigate any complaints made by the resident.

When can they visit?

If the resident has an SDA residency agreement, community visitors can visit at any time, with or without notice. If the resident signed a Residential tenancy agreement, community visitors can only visit if the resident asks them to.

If a resident asks to see a community visitor, you must arrange it within 72 hours. You can do this by contacting the OPA on 1300 309 337.

A community visitor will usually visit within the next seven days.

Record keeping

You must keep records about:

  • payments from residents, including rent
  • requests for repairs or maintenance, and what you did about those requests
  • complaints from residents, and what you did about those complaints
  • any visits from a community visitor.

You must keep these records for five years and let residents inspect these records.

Entry into a room or property

In most cases, you must give the resident written notice before you can enter their room or the property.

You can only enter between 8am and 6pm on any day, except public holidays.

For more information, view Entry into your room or property.