Extending an agreement in SDA

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All agreements have a start date and an end date. They also have timeframes – for example, two years. If you and the resident do not end the agreement on or after the end date, it will renew for the same timeframe. The agreement will keep renewing until you or the resident end it. For more information, view How to end an agreement in an SDA.

Example only
The agreement starts on 1 December 2019 and ends on 1 December 2021. The timeframe is two years. The resident does not want to leave, and you are happy for them to continue renting the SDA. On 2 December 2021 the agreement automatically renews for another two years. The new end date is 2 December 2023.

If you and the resident signed a Residential tenancy agreement, it will usually roll over to a periodic (month-by-month) lease when the term ends. The terms and conditions of the original agreement still apply. View Residential rental agreements.