Rent, bond and other costs in SDA

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For information about paying rent, rent increases and rent arrears in an SDA residency agreement, view Rental payments in an SDA.

If you and the resident signed a residential rental agreement, view Paying rent and rent in advance.


You cannot ask a resident to pay a bond if you enter into or establish an SDA residency agreement.

If you and the resident signed a Residential rental agreement, you can ask them to pay a bond. For more information, view Lodging the bond.

Other costs

Your resident pays the usage charge for gas, power, water and other utilities.

You pay for all other utility charges, including any rates or taxes.

If the resident gets an expensive usage bill because something is damaged, you pay for the extra amount. If you refuse to pay the extra amount, the resident can apply to VCAT for a decision on the matter.

Example only
The resident’s water usage bill is generally $100 a quarter. Their next usage bill is $300 a quarter. The reason the bill is so high is because a pipe burst, causing a water leak. In this case, they pay $100 of the bill as they normally would, and you pay $200.