Kylie Jane Campbell - Commencement of action

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23 February 2021
Court actions

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has started criminal action against Kylie Jane Campbell, Director of BSM Realty Melbourne Pty Ltd (BSM Realty) (ACN: 619 871 902), for alleged breaches of Victorian estate agent laws.

It is alleged that Ms Campbell, 47, of Port Melbourne, misused $106,509.90 that was meant to be held in a trust account, fraudulently converting it for her own use.

Ms Campbell transferred $100,000 from BSM Realty’s trust account to pay the deposit for a property she purchased. She also withdrew $6,509.90 from BSM Realty’s trust account and transferred it into her personal account.

We found three customers were impacted by the alleged offences. Ms Campbell was unable to refund the deposits of two customers after their property purchase did not proceed. All three clients were reimbursed by the Victorian Property Fund.

The alleged offences occurred on 19 and 23 February 2019. BSM Realty was deregistered on 31 July 2019.

A committal mention hearing for the matter is listed at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 14 April 2021.