Complaint handling and dispute resolution - estate agent obligations

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An agency authority must contain details of where a client can lodge a complaint about commission and/or outgoings. An estate agency must also have a procedure in place for resolving consumer complaints and disputes.

An estate agent or agent’s representative must advise a client about these procedures before the client signs an agency authority, or as soon as possible after.

If a client (seller or landlord) or consumer (buyer or tenant) makes a complaint, an agent must inform them of the agency’s complaints and disputes procedures as soon as possible. Estate agents and agent’s representatives must make every effort to minimise and resolve disputes about their performance.

Agencies can purchase the Australian Standard complaint handling system (AS 4608-2004) through Standards Australia or develop their own internal system.

For more information, download a copy of the Sample estate agency complaint handling and dispute resolution policy (Word, 42KB).

Resolve a dispute with an estate agent

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If this does not resolve the issue, you can contact us via our General enquiry online form.

You can ask us for information and advice on real estate matters, dispute resolution services and complaints. We also advise estate agents and agents' representatives on their obligations to buyers, sellers or landlords.