Public register of licensed conveyancers

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You should always confirm the conveyancer you are dealing with is licensed.

View the public register

Information in the public register

For each licensee, the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) must record in the register:

  • the licensee's full name and licence number
  • the name and address of the principal place of business in Victoria
  • the licensee's Australian Business Number
  • the date the licensee’s licence was granted on and, if applicable, suspended, cancelled or surrendered
  • details of any conditions on the licence (including whether it is unrestricted/full or provisional)
  • details of any court or VCAT orders affecting the licence of which the BLA has notice of
  • details of any claims against the Victorian Property Fund allowed against the licensee
  • the licensee’s website addresses if applicable
  • if the licensee is a company, the name and date of appointment of each director
  • if the licensee conducts a conveyancing business from more than one place, the address of each other location and the full name of the person appointed to manage the day-to-day operation at each location
  • if the licensee is an employee of another licensee, the name and business address of their employer
  • if the licensee employs one or more other licensees, the name and start date of each of those employees
  • details of any licence application refused within the last two years
  • details of any other prescribed matter.

The current online register is restricted to providing the following information:

  • licensee's name
  • licence number
  • licence type
  • any business names under which the licensee carries on business
  • business address
  • licence conditions.

The register contains current information only. You can purchase a full historical extract about a licensee from us.

The BLA does not include all the information it collects, but it may provide such information to government departments and agencies for law enforcement, in accordance with the relevant business licensing Acts.


The registers are only as accurate as the information provided to us. The BLA tries to obtain accurate and up-to-date information during and after the registration process.

There may be a delay of at least one hour between when the BLA receives information and when you can see it in the register.

Decisions may be subject to review

Many of the BLA's decisions can be reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). You can apply to VCAT to review the BLA’s reviewable decisions within 28 days of the date of the decision.

The register will reflect the BLA’s decision pending the outcome of the review, unless VCAT suspends the BLA's decision until the end of the review proceedings.

If you wish to use information from a public register in legal proceedings, obtain a Registrar's certificate by contacting the BLA.


A full extract includes all current and historical information about a licensee. Full extracts of most of registers are available from the BLA Registrar for a fee. For more information, contact the BLA.

Request bulk public register information

To request bulk public register information, you must set out the intended use in writing to the Registrar, who will take into account the purpose of the request in view of the strict requirements of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2000 and relevant business licensing legislation. Fees may also apply.

The BLA will not release the information for use in direct marketing or similar commercial activities.

For more information, contact the BLA.