Annual statement and fees - conveyancers

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You must lodge an annual statement and pay your annual licence fee on time.

Your annual statement will be sent to you either via email or post within the six weeks prior to your anniversary date. If you do not receive this notification, call the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) on 1300 135 452.

Once you receive your annual statement you can lodge it online via either:

Note: these forms require the latest version of Adobe Reader to be installed on your PC. To download for free, visit the Adobe Reader download page on the Adobe website.

The forms are compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox 19 or later
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
Alternatively you can complete and return your printed annual statement form within the six weeks prior to your licence anniversary date.

Late notice

If your annual statement and fee do not arrive by your anniversary date, the BLA will send you a late notice and you will be liable for an additional late fee.

If, after 21 days, the BLA still has not received your annual statement and fees, your licence will be suspended or cancelled.


The annual fee and late lodgement fee are set out on our Fees and forms - conveyancers page.

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