Annual endorsement statement

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Due date

Every 12 months you must:

  • lodge an annual endorsement statement, and
  • provide proof of the required professional indemnity insurance

to continue to provide professional engineering services in the building industry.

Your annual endorsement statement is due on the anniversary of the date your registration was granted. However, an annual endorsement statement is not required in a renewal year (because you will provide the same information when you apply to renew your registration and endorsement).


The BLA will notify you via myCAV approximately six weeks before your annual endorsement statement is due. You will receive an email to advise that you have a notification in myCAV.

It is your responsibility to inform the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) if you do not receive this notification.

How to lodge your annual endorsement statement

You must lodge your annual endorsement statement via myCAV and pay an annual endorsement fee within the six-weeks leading up to your due date. For more information, view About myCAV - Registration and licensing.

to your myCAV account

Failure to lodge

If you do not lodge your annual endorsement statement and fee by the due date, your endorsement will be automatically suspended.

Please note: your endorsement can be re-instated if you lodge and pay an annual statement at any time through myCAV prior to renewal.


The annual endorsement fee for 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 is $118.00 and must be paid when you lodge your statement.

You may be entitled to a partial refund of your annual endorsement fees. Send a request to the BLA using the BLA enquiry form.