Changing your type of registration

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You may change your type of registration from practising to non-practising, or vice versa, at any time.

There is no restriction on how long you can be registered as a non-practising professional engineer.

While you are registered as a non-practising professional engineer you cannot be endorsed to work in the building industry.

If you are registered and endorsed to work in the building industry and you change to a non-practising registration, your endorsement will be suspended by the BLA.

You must use myCAV to apply to change your type of registration. For more information, view About myCAV.

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If you are applying to change your registration from:

  • practising to non-practising you may be entitled to a pro rata refund of your registration or renewal of registration fee, whichever is applicable, and
  • non-practising to practising you will be required to pay a pro-rata top up fee.

For details of your refund or pro-rata top up fee contact the Business Licensing Authority.