Second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers online form – updating your details

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When to use this form

Use this online form to notify the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) of changes to your registration and business details that cannot be made via your myCAV account.

Some changes must be made using myCAV, including lodgement of the annual statement. For a list of changes and the specific form to be used, view our Update registration details – second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers page.

Before you start

This form can only be submitted by:

  • the registered individual second-hand dealer; or
  • a director of the registered second-hand dealer company.

There are various attachments that may be required as part of this form. If you add a new associate, you must attach the following documents:

  • A completed Consent to national criminal history and other record checks form.
  • Certified copies of the required identification documents, including at least one document containing the individual’s certified photograph. For information view Records Checks.

How to lodge

Start the form

Note: No fees will be collected through this form. The BLA will contact you about the requirements and any fees applicable. For more information view our Fees and forms – second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers page.