Disqualifications and permissions – motor car traders

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Reasons for requiring permission

Certain circumstances disqualify you from:

  • holding a motor car trader's licence
  • working for a motor car trader in a customer service capacity
  • being a partner or director, or involved in the management of a motor car trader business.

You may apply to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) for permission if one or more of the following disqualifying circumstances apply to you:

  • you have had a claim against you admitted by the Motor Car Traders Guarantee Fund
  • you have been found guilty of a serious offence committed within 10 years, punishable by a jail term of at least three months (whether or not you went to jail). A serious offence involves fraud, dishonesty, violence or drug trafficking.

Apply for permission

Complete and lodge a Motor car traders application for permission (Word, 444KB).

If you are a new applicant, lodge the permission application with your licence application.

The BLA will take into consideration whether you have disclosed disqualifying offences as required in determining whether to grant you a motor car trader’s licence. There is a fee for requesting permission. For current fee amounts, view Fees and forms.

Additional documents required with the application

Lodge these documents with your permission application:

  • Completed Consent to national criminal history and other records checks (Word, 235KB).
  • Certified copies of  the required identification documents.
  • Two written character references.
  • If you are applying for permission to work in a customer service capacity of a motor car trader, you should provide a letter from your proposed employer confirming they:
    • are aware that you are making this permission application, and
    • are prepared to employ you to work in a customer service capacity in their motor car trading business if you are granted permission by the Business Licensing Authority.
  • If you are a company director, provide a letter signed by every director of the company confirming they are aware of your application for permission.
  • If you are a partner, provide a letter signed by every partner of the partnership confirming they are aware of you application for permission.
  • If you are an existing licensed motor car trader, you must provide a profit, loss and balance sheet for:
    • the last full financial year (up to 30 June), and
    • the current financial year (from 1 July to the date of this application).
  • Any additional papers you wish to attach.