Business recovery

Information on dealing with your bank, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in your business after a disaster.

Buying and selling property

Details on buying or selling a disaster-affected property - contracts, unexpected offers, withdrawing an offer and more.

Clean up, repairs and re-building

Information on building and emergency repairs, changes to contracts, warnings on travelling con men and more.

Damaged vehicles

Information if you need to repair, buy or sell a vehicle that has been damaged in a disaster.

Flood-damaged products

Information on what products should not be sold after a flood, plus flood-assistance resources.

Fundraising scams

Find out how to spot a charity scam, plus information on setting up an emergency fundraising appeal.

Insurance, banking and financial hardship

Information on insurance and banking issues in a disaster. Find out how to apply for a hardship variation.

Price rip-offs

Find out how to make a complaint if you suspect a business is profiteering following a disaster.

Renting – disaster advice

Includes ending a lease after a disaster, bond refunds, rent reductions, repairs and warnings on travelling con men.

Travel and holiday arrangements

Get information on refunds, rescheduling, insurance claims, damage to rental vehicles and more.