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  • Door-to-door sales

    A summary in Farsi (Persian) of consumers' rights when buying from door-to-door salespeople.

  • Charities

    A new approach is being introduced shortly to streamline the registration and reporting requirements for charities that conduct fundraising in Victoria.

  • Fundraiser responsibilities

    Information on bookkeeping and financial records for fundraisers and charities, including completing annual returns. Also how to change or renew registration details for a fundraiser and when you have to notify us of these changes.

  • Register as a fundraiser

    Explains the paperwork and procedure required to register as a fundraiser, including for urgent applications following a natural disaster. Also explains what happens after we receive your application and when you can start fundraising.

  • Change fundraiser registration details

    Links to the form you should submit to change registration details for a fundraiser. Includes the fax number and postal address for sending the form.

  • Establish a patriotic fund

    Explains how to establish a patriotic fund, and what happens when Consumer Affairs Victoria approves or rejects an application


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