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  • Damages and compensation

    Information about rights and responsibilities when a product or service causes damage to other property.

  • Types of warranties

    Information on guarantees and consumer rights under a manufacturer’s warranty (warranty against defects), express warranty and extended warranty.

  • Price comparison services

    Information for consumers on energy switching and price comparison services and tips for choosing an energy retailer.

  • Smart meters

    Information on smart meter installations, costs and payments.

  • Report an unsafe product

    Information on how to report an unsafe product, injury caused by a dangerous product, or a product safety problem or concern.

  • Product safety checklist for markets

    Product safety checklist for market stallholders selling new or second-hand goods. How traders can check items for compliance with mandatory safety standards, bans and recalls.

  • Close or amalgamate a patriotic fund

    Explains how to wind up or amalgamate a patriotic fund in Victoria, and what happens to the fund’s remaining money and assets when it closes.


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