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Before you start your application

Individuals with an equivalent licence or registration in an Australian state or territory that is participating in Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) may be able to practice as a rooming house operator in Victoria by submitting an AMR notification. For more information, view Automatic mutual recognition.

Providing incorrect information

It is a serious offence for a person to knowingly make a false or misleading statement in relation to a licence application. Significant fines apply.


People aged over 18 and certain types of body corporate entities (companies, co-operatives and incorporated associations) can apply for a licence.

You are automatically ineligible to be licensed if you are under 18 years old.

You will not be a ‘fit and proper person’ and therefore not eligible to be licensed if any of the ‘licence disqualification criteria’ set out in section 17 of the Rooming House Operators Act 2016 are met by:

  • you
  • any of your officers (if you are an organisation applying for a licence), or
  • any manager you engage to operate a rooming house on your behalf.

For more information, view Rooming house operator licensing disqualification.

The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) will decide licence applications.

If you are currently licensed in another state or territory of Australia, you may be eligible to work in Victoria under the Automatic Mutual Recognition scheme without having to apply for a new licence. You may be required to notify the BLA.


The application fee and initial licence fee must be paid at the time of application.

For the full schedule of fees, view Fees for rooming house operators.

Records checks

You must provide proof of your identity as part of your application. 

You may be able to do this by verifying your identity online. For more information, view Identity verification.
If you can’t complete online identity verification, you must submit certified copies of four identity documents and a signed consent form with your myCAV application. The correct documents, properly certified, will help your application avoid delays. For more information, view Record checks

The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) will conduct checks with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), local councils and other agencies to verify the information provided in the application. Any disputes about the accuracy of the results of the checks will be referred to ACIC. 

Providing incorrect information

It is a serious offence for a person to knowingly make a false or misleading statement in relation to a licence application. Significant fines apply.

Unlicensed trading

Unlicensed rooming house operators are liable for significant fines. For more information, view Penalties.

How to apply

To successfully lodge your application, you must:

  • complete and lodge licence application online 
  • upload all required attachments (see Required additional documents below), and
  • pay the fee through the online payment gateway.

Note: If any of those steps is not completed, the form is not successfully submitted and the application is not lodged.

Required additional documents

The BLA requires the following for an individual applicant, each relevant person including all officers of a body corporate applicant (companies, incorporated associations and co-operatives) and nominated rooming house managers:

If you do not have the required documentation for each relevant person when completing the application in myCAV, you can choose to send a request via email to the person inviting them to provide their own information directly to the BLA. You will not be able to submit the application for processing until the person has submitted the required information. 

Complete and lodge your licence application online

You can lodge your licence application through our myCAV system.

To do so, you must create a myCAV account (or log into your existing account, if you already have one).

Create or sign-in to your myCAV account

After you lodge your application

Processing time

To avoid delays, please complete the form correctly and attach all necessary documents. The estimated average processing time for applications is 21 days. 

Additional information

When considering your application, the BLA may require you to provide further information. The BLA may refuse your application if you do not provide this within a reasonable timeframe.

Change of information

If any change occurs in the information you have provided in your licence application, you must notify the BLA in writing within 14 days of becoming aware of the change.

Sharing your information

The BLA gives your information to:

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • other law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

These organisations may report any relevant information to the BLA.

For privacy information, view Information and privacy - BLA.

Withdrawing your application

You can withdraw your application in writing at any time before it has been determined by the BLA.

Please note: the application fee is non-refundable.

Refusal of application

For more information about refusal of licence applications and applying for a review of the decision, view Refusal of licence.

Successful application

If your application is successful, you will receive a rooming house operator’s licence which is ongoing unless cancelled. Once you are licensed, you must notify the BLA of any change to your licence details. For more information, view Update licence details.

For information about your ongoing legal obligations, view Running your business and our Rooming houses residents guide.

Term of licence

Licences will be issued by the BLA for three years, in the first instance.