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  • Debt collectors

    Information for debt collectors in Victoria, including becoming a debt collector, fair practices, restrictions and penalties.

  • Motor car traders

    Become a licensed motor car trader (LMCT) and learn your obligations when selling motor vehicles.

  • Door-to-door sales

    A summary in English of consumers' rights when buying from door-to-door salespeople.

  • Northside Motor Wholesale Pty Ltd - Court action

    07 Aug 2013 - Former licensed motor car trader Northside Motor Wholesale Pty Ltd has been refused leave to appeal against a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal decision to affirm a $23,000 claim against the Motor Car Traders Guarantee Fund.

  • Mustapha Ali Ali - Court action

    24 Aug 2014 - Unlicensed motor car trader Mustapha Ali Ali has been fined $1500 for buying and selling 12 cars while unregistered.


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