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Anyone can fall for scams.

These Victorians have agreed to share their experiences in the hope they can help others identify and avoid scams.

Rental scams

For information on this type of scam, view our Rental scams page.


Joy paid for accommodation before arriving to study in Melbourne - only to find that the address did not exist. Watch her story to find out more.

Video transcript: Joy's story (Word, 86KB)

Romance scams

Romance or dating scams can be devastating - financially and emotionally. For more information and tips to protect yourself, view our Romance scam page.


Maria lost thousands of dollars in a romance scam. Watch her story, as she explains how to look for signs that things may not be as they seem.

Video transcript: Maria's story (Word, 32 KB)


Jan lost hundreds of thousands to a romance scam. Watch her compelling story and learn more about what to look out for when seeking love online.

Video transcript: Jan's story (Word, 36.5KB)


Ben shares his experience with romance scams - including how they work and how to spot the warning signs.

Video transcript: Ben's story (Word, 33.5KB)

Fake tradies

Fake tradies (also known as travelling con men) are dodgy tradesmen who offer to do maintenance work on your home or office then disappear with your money leaving unfinished or substandard work, if they start work at all.

They often pressure people, offer 'today only' specials, ask for cash before starting work and frequently disappear as soon as you pay them.

For more information and tips to protect yourself, view our Fake tradies page.


Thelma lost over $4,000 to travelling con men after she hired them to fix her roof.

Video transcript: Thelma's story (Word, 83KB)


Doreen lost thousands of dollars to travelling con men. By sharing her story, she is helping others avoid falling into the same trap.