Secretary - incorporated associations

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Role of the secretary

Secretaries of incorporated associations must have an online myCAV account to lodge annual statements and undertake all transactions and notifications of change.

For more information on myCAV, view our myCAV for incorporated associations section.

In an incorporated association, the role of secretary includes:

  • lodging an annual statement with us within a month after the annual general meeting
  • applying to us to change the association's name or rules
  • notifying us of:
    • a change to the association's registered address
    • their appointment as secretary or any changes to their details
    • a special resolution to wind up the association or distribute its assets
  • dealing with requests to restrict access to information in the association's register of members
  • adding or removing delegates of the association. For more information, view our Delegates of incorporated associations page.

The secretary's role may differ according to the association's rules. The rules may allow the secretary to hold any other office within the association.

The secretary must:

  • agree to be named or appointed secretary
  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in Australia.

First secretary

When your association first incorporates, the person who lodges the application is deemed to be the secretary, unless the application states another person as the secretary.

If the association states another person is the secretary, the person who lodged the application becomes a delegate of the association and will need to create their own myCAV account.

The first secretary does not have to separately notify us of their appointment.

Changing the secretary's contact details

To update the secretary’s contact details, a secretary or delegate of an association must sign into their myCAV account.

Your email address and the password you create are used to verify your identity each time you sign into myCAV.

In order to maintain strict security levels, to make a change to your email address, please email

Changing the secretary

If a secretary leaves, your association must fill the vacancy within 14 days, using the process specified in its rules.

If it is not practical to appoint a new secretary within 14 days, the association's committee must appoint a person to temporarily fill the role until an official secretary is elected or appointed.

A newly appointed secretary will need to create their own myCAV account.

The new secretary must update the secretary contact details recorded in myCAV, on taking up the position. Departing secretaries will no longer have access to myCAV.

Only the current secretary can change the secretary on myCAV.