Establish a patriotic fund

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Make an application

To apply to establish a patriotic fund, complete a Patriotic funds – registration or amalgamation (online form).

For information relating to the amalgamation of existing patriotic funds, see Close or amalgamate a patriotic fund.

Proposed trust deed

You will need to submit a copy of the proposed trust deed or other document that sets out the terms governing the operation of the patriotic fund. You may wish to seek legal advice to assist in drafting this document.

For a sample trust deed, email

National Police Checks

To ensure that the proposed trustees are eligible to be trustees of a patriotic fund, each trustee, director or person responsible for the management of the fund is requested to provide a national police check in support of the application.

You may apply for a police check online via Service Victoria, or an authorised third-party provider.

Approval or refusal of application

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria will either approve the application, with or without conditions, or refuse it.

If the Director approves, the applicant becomes trustee of the new patriotic fund.

The Director can refuse an application for several reasons under the Veterans Act 2005, including:

  • the proposed purposes of the fund will not meet requirements set out in section 23 of the Act. Generally, the purposes of the fund must relate to any service or duty as an officer or a member of: 
    • the naval, military or air forces of Her Majesty or of the Commonwealth of Australia 
    • any of the naval, military or air forces of Her Majesty’s allies
  • the proposed trustees of the fund are not eligible to be trustees. A person cannot be a trustee if they: 
    • are not fit to act or are incapable of acting as a trustee (including for reasons of physical or mental infirmity) 
    • are bankrupt 
    • have been convicted of an indictable offence 
    • are the subject of a Magistrates’ Court finding that they are not fit to act as a trustee

Companies or incorporated associations cannot be trustees if they:

  • are operated by a receiver, liquidator or administrator 
  • have been convicted of an indictable offence 
  • have a director/manager who would be ineligible to be a trustee 
  • have been declared ineligible by a Magistrates’ Court.

The Director may ask the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria at any time to determine whether a person is eligible to be a trustee.