Patriotic funds online form - change of details or transfer of assets

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When to use this form

Use this form to:

  • notify of changes to your patriotic fund details; or
  • apply to transfer assets from a patriotic fund.

Before you start

You will need to provide the following mandatory information:

  • If you are requesting modifications to your trust purpose and/or deed
  • A copy of the proposed trust deed or other document that sets out the terms governing the operation of the patriotic fund. This must be the full trust deed, and not schedule pages. You may wish to seek legal advice to assist in drafting this document.
  • A description of the new purpose and objects of the fund.
  • A cover letter setting out the reasons for amending/adopting a new deed. You may wish to seek legal advice in drafting this document. For more information, see Establish a patriotic fund.
  • If you are applying to transfer assets:
  • The name of the recipient fund or organisation
  • A reference number such as ABN, ACN or patriotic fund number
  • Details of the assets and reason for the transfer

For each individual appointed as a new trustee, director, administrative officer or person responsible for management of the fund, you will need to provide:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • contact email address and phone number
  • residential address
  • a completed national police check. For more information, see Establish a patriotic fund.

If the trustee of your patriotic fund is a company or incorporated association, you will need to provide the following mandatory information as part of your notification:

Any relevant registration numbers. For example, this may be the ACN of a company, Incorporated Association registration number or ABN.

There is no fee to lodge this form.

National Police Checks

To ensure that the proposed trustees are eligible to be trustees of a patriotic fund, each trustee, director or person responsible for the management of the fund is requested to provide a national police check in support of the application.

You may apply for a police check online via Service Victoria, or an authorised third-party provider.

How to lodge

Start the form

Privacy statement 

Consumer Affairs Victoria is bound by laws that protect your privacy concerning the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Where you do not provide the information required by this form, we may refuse or be unable to process this transaction. For more information, see our Privacy statement.