Residential accommodation complaint

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Before you lodge a complaint

When to use this form

Use our general complaint form if you have:

  • been unable to resolve a problem with your landlord, property manager, owners corporation or retirement village
  • read the information on our website, but still require further assistance to resolve your problem.

We will not be able to take your complaint further unless you have tried to resolve the problem yourself first.

For more information on specific types of disputes, view our:

What to include

The more information you give us, the more quickly and accurately we can assess your complaint and give you specific advice for your problem. Please also provide a daytime contact number.

How to lodge a complaint

Open the general complaint form

Note: This form has three stages and you have 20 minutes to complete each stage. Each stage automatically refreshes after 20 minutes and clears all data.

Depending on the situation, other forms may be more appropriate to use for renting issues:

  • Notice to landlord/owner of caravan or caravan park/owner of rooming house/part 4A site owner - for issues including non-urgent repairs, your intention to vacate, any damage you have caused.
  • Notice for breach of duty to landlord of rented premises/owner of caravan or caravan park/owner of rooming house/part 4A site owner.
  • Request for repairs inspection or rent assessment.

To download these forms, view the Renting category on our Forms and publications page.

What happens after you lodge a complaint

After you lodge this form, we will assess your complaint against the criteria set out in our Regulatory approach and compliance policy.

When assessing complaints our focus is to help consumers that are at most risk of harm, and to act on issues that have the potential to cause widespread harm to Victorians.

You will hear from us if:

  • you have completed Steps 1 and 2 on our Resolve your problem or complaint page and the matter remains unresolved
  • we decide the complaint requires our involvement, or is likely to be resolved with our involvement
  • there is evidence of the landlord, property manager, caravan/residential park owner or rooming house operator not complying with our laws
  • there is potential the issue may have a broader impact or cause widespread harm to Victorians
  • we are the most appropriate organisation for the issue outlined in your complaint.

You may not hear from us if:

  • you have not tried to resolve the matter yourself first
  • you have already lodged a complaint with us about this issue and we were unable to resolve it, or we did not accept the complaint
  • you have applied to have the matter heard at a tribunal, such as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), or a court, or the matter has already been through a tribunal or a court.