Fixed price advertisements and offers, and ban on inviting rental bids guide

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Under the new rental laws, a rental provider (landlord) or agent must only offer a property for rent at a fixed price.  

A rental property must only be advertised for rent at a fixed amount. It will be unlawful to: 

  • advertise a property for rent with a price range
  • request or solicit bids for rent.  

Can a price range be included in an advertisement for a rental property?  

Any advertisement or offer of a property for rent must include a fixed price. A price range cannot be used.  

Can an advertisement not include a price? 

Signs advertising a property for rent placed at or near the premises need not include the amount of rent. If they do include a rent amount, it must be a fixed price. 

An online advertisement or signage advertising outside a rental home says the rent will be $320-$340 per week. This is unlawful.  

The advertisement or signage must display a fixed amount; for example, $320 per week.  

Can a rental provider ask for higher rent?  

No. Rental providers and real estate agents must not ask for or invite offers of rent higher than the advertised price. But they can accept a higher, unprompted offer made by a prospective renter. 

The new rental laws apply from 29 March 2021.