Fact Sheet 6: Disclosure requirements before entering into a rental agreement

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This page is about changes to Victoria's renting laws that have not happened yet. They will be in place by 29 March 2021.

For information on current laws, view our Renting section.

Under new renting laws, rental providers (landlords) must disclose important information to renters before they sign a rental agreement.

Before entering into a rental agreement, the renter must be informed of whether the:

  • property is on the market for sale, or in the process of being sold
  • property is to be repossessed under a mortgage
  • rental provider is not the owner of the property, and what rights they have in letting the property
  • electricity is supplied to the property from an embedded electricity network, and the details of this network.

What is an embedded electricity network?

An embedded electricity network is where a privately owned and managed network supplies power to all the properties in a single building or development.

For example, where a caravan park or apartment complex owner buys electricity in bulk from a retailer and then on-sells it to customers inside their network.

If homes are in an embedded network, renters may have to buy their electricity from that network, and changing to another retailer may be difficult and costly.