Transferring and assigning rights - caravans and site agreements

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Transfer of residency rights when a caravan is sold

In a caravan park, a resident can also end their residency if they own a caravan on a rented site and sell it to someone else. The right to live there can be transferred to the person who bought the caravan, as long as the caravan park owner agrees.

The resident must give the caravan park owner notice in writing using the Transfer of residency right (caravan) (Word, 460KB).

The caravan park owner must give permission unless there is a good reason to refuse. If the park owner refuses permission for the transfer and the resident thinks this is unfair, they can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a decision.

The caravan park owner cannot interfere with the sale of a caravan or charge a fee for agreeing to the transfer.

If the park owner does not respond within seven days of receiving the notice of transfer form, the transfer can take place as though permission has been given.

The bond, if one was paid, must be put in the new resident's name. The resident must send a completed and signed 'Tenant transfer' form to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) within five business days of the transfer taking place. For more information, view our Transferring the bond from one tenant to the other page

When arranging the sale, the resident may use a sales agent. A park owner cannot ask a resident to use a particular sales agent. If the park owner is the agent, they must state how much commission they will receive.

Assignment of site agreement

If a site tenant decides to sell their movable dwelling and leave the park before their site agreement ends, they can transfer the remaining period to the buyer, who takes over responsibility for all fees, charges and rent from the transfer date. Under the law, the transfer is called an assignment.

The site tenant must have permission from the site owner before assigning the site agreement, but the site owner cannot unreasonably refuse to consent.

To assign a site agreement, use our Assignment of part 4A site agreement (Word, 819KB)

Site owners must not charge a fee for agreeing to an assignment of a site agreement.