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All licensed estate agencies must have an RTBA Online Administrator. To become an Administrator you will need to be granted level 3 access. 

To check your access level, select ‘Manage my registration’ and select ‘Update personal details’. Your access level will be listed at the top.

  1. Visit and sign in.

  2. Your existing administrator can grant you level 3 access or select ‘Manage my registration’ and then ‘Get Admin access’.

    If your email address matches the Officer in Effective Control, you will see a button that reads ‘Get Admin access now’. Select this and access will be activated when you next log back into your account.

    If your email address is different, you will see a button that reads ‘Generate application form’. Select this, complete the form and mail it to the RTBA. Two business days after your application is received, the RTBA will send you a confirmation email.

  3. Once administrator access has been granted, you will be able to complete a range of tasks using RTBA Online, including:
    •  lodging, claiming and transferring bonds online
    •  managing pending, successful and unsuccessful transactions
    •  viewing weekly statements
    •  downloading your bond list
    •  property manager administration.

  4. Select ‘Property Manager Administration’ from the menu bar to manage:
    •  contact details
    •  bank details
    •  delivery instructions
    •  signatories
    •  online users.

    Bank details must be entered before electronic transactions can be activated.

  5. By selecting ‘Online users’ you will be able to manage user access levels for your agency and delete inactive accounts. Note that a user will need level 2 access or higher to complete electronic transactions.

Visit RTBA Online at or call 1300 137 164 for more information.

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