Registered rental provider guide - What happens when an electronic claim is initiated by a renter

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When an electronic claim is initiated by a renter

Notices are sent to all parties to the bond (including the rental provider) informing them of the claim. For a Homes Victoria bond, notices are sent to the initiator and the rental provider only.

Notices are sent via email (or post if email is unavailable) (Figures 2, 3 & 4). If a mobile number was provided, each renter will also receive a text message from the RTBA (Figure 5).

Each party has until the expiry date and time shown on the claim notice (Figure 3) to contest the claim by applying to VCAT to hear the matter. To apply to VCAT visit

If there is no objection from other parties to the bond, on the expiry date, the RTBA will process the claim and make the repayments to the claim initiator and to the rental provider (if any).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

If portions of the bond are to be refunded to other renters to the bond, these will be retained by the RTBA. Those renters will be informed about the retained repayment by email or by post if an email is not available (Figure 6), and by text if a mobile number (Figure 6a) is provided with attached guidance on how they may claim their portion of the bond.

Figure 6

Figure 6a