Unregistered rental provider guide - How to check the status of the bond claim initiated by the renter

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In this guide:

 Checking the status of a bond claim

You may track the status of the bond including the claim transaction by:

1. Visit rentalbonds.vic.gov.au Home page (Figure 27).

Figure 27

2. Enter bond number and a tenant family name, select ‘Landlord’ and select ‘Search for bond’ button. (Figure 28).

Figure 28

You will be presented with a “Bond Summary” screen (Figure 29). If you do not see a timer and the button 'View claim details' on the bond summary screen, the claim transaction has been processed or cancelled. You can look further down the bond summary for further information in sections ‘Claims or Repayments’ or ‘Rejected Electronic Transaction history’.

Figure 29

Note: If you have reached agreement with the renter, you should advise the renter to cancel their Renter (Tenant) initiated claim to allow you to submit an agreed claim. Instructions how a renter can cancel can be found in Renter’s guide – RTBA Online - How to initiate a claim for your bond.

Visit RTBA Online at rentalbonds.vic.gov.au or call 1300 137 164 for more information.