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The information on this page apples to SDA providers. If you are a resident, view Resources for residents

This page includes important documents, forms and useful resources for specialist disability accommodation (SDA).

Starting an SDA agreement with a resident - flow chartStarting an SDA agreement with your resident. Step 1: Choose an agreement. Step 2: Download the agreement and information statement from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website. Step 3: Give the agreement and information statement to the resident and support person (if any). Step 4: Explain the information statement to the resident/support person in a way they can understand. Step 5: Enter into/establish the agreement at least seven days after you gave the resident and support person the agreement. Step 6: Notify Consumer Affairs Victoria within 14 days of entering into/establishing an SDA agreement.

Download Starting an SDA agreement with a resident (PDF, 26KB).


Information statements

Easy English



Notifying Consumer Affairs Victoria

Timeline of implementation

July: Legislation passes (Amendment Bill). August: Information statements and SDA agreement available. New SDA agreements submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria. September: Easy English information statements, SDA and tenancy agreements, resources for SDA providers available.October: Easy English notices and forms available. December: All existing SDA residents have signed a new SDA or residential tenancy agreement. Transition complete.

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